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Casino software providers

There are numerous companies that have developed casino software. The most well known in the industry are most likely Microgaming and PlayTech. All these providers have developed their software with scalability in mind. You can choose from a variety of solutions and price options. Below you will find a list of software providers, a short description of how they operate and, where available, a link to their website where you can find more information, contact the provider etc.

If you decide to start your own casino, please remember to inform us about your casino. If you have an affiliate program in place we will be pleased to partner with you and drive our visitors to your casino.

Aqua Online

Aqua Online has developed a casino gaming package containing about 41 games. Information about this software can be found at

Please visit the website of Aqua Online for more information.


Cryptologic is one of the leading casino software providers in the industry. They were one of the first companies that developed online casino gaming software and have been around since 1996.

Please visit the website of Cryptologic for more information.


Diamond Digital is the leading provider of Internet- gaming software, one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet. Their platform provides a small-footprint MS Win32 download and a non- download Java technology version, both with rich graphics and real-Life casino sounds.

The goal of an online casino is to attract and satisfy players so they will return again. Diamond Digital has developed the complete casino package, equipped with all the aspects necessary to ensure maximum return on investment. This package provides casinos with what it takes to give players the confidence to play & the desire to return.

It is the attention to details that sets Diamond Digital apart from the rest.

Please visit the website of Diamond for more information.


Gaminglogix has been pioneering the online gaming industry since early 1999. Their software leads the market in reliability, security and realism. Allowing end users to play for fun or for real money, a totally animated and Multi-Player Casino and Real-Time Sports Betting Software deliver an experience unmatched by any other online gaming software.

Please visit the website of GamingLogix for more information.


MicroGaming is probably the most well know casino software provider in the industry. They offer you a complete solution to set up your own casino. Their casino software is used by numerous online casinos. You can choose from a wide variety of games and each and every one of them is available in a download and non-download version. They have developed over 100 games which will be customised to incorporate your brand. Games include table games (blackjack, Cyber Stud poker, roulette, Red Dog and Pai Gow poker), classic games (baccarat, craps, Sic Bo, keno, flip card and scratch card), a variety of classic slot games, bonus feature slot games, video pokers and power poker games. You can also choose from 11 different progressive jackpots.

The software is available in a variety of languages, but Microgaming will also localise the software to appeal even more to your target audience.

With their online casino back office you can extract all information necessary to be able to run your casino and analyse its results all the way down to individual games or customers. A very important feature is age / location verification which will check if a player is allowed to gamble in your casino based on his / her local laws.

The software also contains an ad tracker which will help you to optimize the Return Of Investment on your marketing and ad campaigns. The promotions manager enables you to track the activity and results of your promotions. With the build in loyalty manager you can set up and track the rewards system for your loyal players, an important feature that will help you retain your players.

Last but not least the software has its own Affiliate Manager module which will enable you to set up your own affiliate marketing program, track your affiliates activity and results, calculates their rewards and helps you to pay your affiliates.

Please visit the website of MicroGaming for more information.


Playtech offers you everything you need to open your own online casino, from the website, web hosting all the way down to customer services and transaction management (billing and player payouts etc.).

In their casino software they have implemented the highest standards for security, one of the most important issues for online casinos as it will ensure the trust of your players in your casino. All confidential communications with the server are carried out through secure encrypted channels.

The software is completely flexible, giving you the power to give your casino its own look and feel. From design and effects used in the software to the VIP levels, table limits and many other features, all can be tweaked to your wishes and demands. The software supports a variety of software and hardware platforms, including ShockWave, Java and downloadable games for both PC and Apple Mac.

The online gaming market is a fragmented and very competitive market. This means that you must seriously address marketing your casino to achieve maximum results, which includes three key components, brand recognition, customer acquisition and customer retention. The software contains the ideal tools for you to achieve your goals including marketing tools, tracking tools, real time statistics and a comprehensive affiliate program.

To improve player retention Playtech has implemented a variety of unique features which will give your casino added value. These features include multiplayer and group play as well as an embedded chat option which allows players to interact with each other. Of course their software contains a loyalty rewards program like other software providers. However, with Playtech's solution you are able to set up a variety of VIP levels where you reward players based on their level. If a player reaches a certain target he / she will automatically move up to the next level. At each level you can set table limits, comps conversions and more.

Please visit the website of PlayTech for more information.

RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming offers high quality games where no detail is overlooked. This goes even so far that they have developed special alogrithms to simulate the motion of real dice. Of course it is not only the front end (what your client sees) that is important, but they also boast that they have the most powerful back-end management suite, which gives you total control over all aspects of your online casino.

The software provides you with comprehensive live statistics in real time, which enables you to react to events if and when they happen. You can track your ad campaigns, affiliate stats, player activity and credit scoring (to minimise the risk of fraud). Next to that you will have a variety of marketing tools at your disposal with regards to coupon generation, multi-tier affiliate tracking, ad campaign tracking and comps programs. You have complete access to game configuration, deposit and withdrawal processing and full integration of pay-out services and credit card processors.

RealTime Gaming will assist you on every level of setting up your own casino, from hosting and website development all the way down to customer service and marketing support.

Games include baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean 21, Caribbean Stud poker, craps, face up 21, Let'em Ride, match play 21, Pai Gow poker, pontoon, Red Dog, super 21, American roulette, French roulette, Tri-card poker, Casino War, keno and a wide variety of slots, video pokers and progressive jackpots.

Please visit the website of RealTime Gaming for more information.

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